Individual Philosophical Coaching

Are you looking for personal development?

Do you want more insight into your own talents, convictions and personal pitfalls?

Are you experiencing a personal, professional, relational or existential quest?

Do you feel stuck in your own thinking / behavioural patterns with regards to a particular question or theme in your life?


Treat yourself to the time, attention and space to discover, feel and clarify during an individual, one-on-one, intensive philosophical coaching day. 


We will dive deep, investigate and establish connections. 

Head and heart.  

Physical and philosophical. 

Warm and cold.  

Effort and tranquility. 


We will create space, let go, embrace and come to an essence. 


Insight, profoundness and wisdom as a fundament for further introspection, growth and personal development, tailored to who you are at this moment

in your life. 


The philosophical coaching day is from 10.00 - 17.00 and consists of the following elements:

  • Welcome to a very special location (which can easily be reached by car and public transportation)
  • Reflectively ‘checking in’ to the philosophical coaching day
  • In-depth sharing of your life story during a philosophical walk
  • Brief mindfulness meditation
  • Refreshing mental and physical challenge in the Waal (inspired by the WHM
  • Introduction to, and practice with, various breathing techniques
  • A carefully prepared vegetarian lunch (with vegetables from my wife’s farm)
  • Personal reflections in shared silence
  • Introduction to, and explanation of, the Socratic dialogue 
  • A Socratic dialogue, professionally recorded for your personal use in the future 
  • Reflectively ‘checking out’ of the philosophical coaching day.


What to expect from the philosophical coaching day?

  • Time, space and attention for yourself
  • Open, genuine and judgemental-free conversations
  • An exploration of yourself and your own (mental) boundaries in a welcoming, safe and open environment
  • Deep insight into yourself, your own thinking and your path at this moment in your life
  • Openings for personal development that will contribute to concrete steps forward in your personal and professional life. 



€ 695,- including VAT (excluding VAT if paid from your professional personal development budget)

Does your personal financial situation not allow you to invest this amount of money in yourself?

Send me an email with the amount that you can afford. 

No explanation needed. 

That is the amount that you’ll be charged. 

No questions asked. 


Based upon effective altruistic principles, 10% of my income will be donated to charity via this platform